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Country Paws is a purpose built kennel complex, situated in a quiet rural area, designed and built to the highest modern standards.

We are a small family run kennels, our priorities are love, care and attention to your dog whilst with us. When dogs are left in a strange environment, it is so important that they have plenty of attention and reassurance to help them settle for a happy time.

Our facilities are clean, happy and healthy, as near home from home as is practical to provide, (without having them all indoors, with us, sitting by the Aga!)

All dogs are individuals, with different needs. Each dog has its own heated kennel with a covered external run, so that they may sit outside when they wish, except in adverse weather conditions and at night, when the door to the external run will be closed. 

Each kennel is vacuumed and disinfected every day.

Our day starts at 6.30am when each dog will have the first exercise and they will be exercised regularly in our secure paddocks, to their individual needs, at least four times a day.

All dogs have a last exercise at 8.30pm (and biscuits!!)

We do provide warm, comfortable bedding (VETBED) and a plastic box or if you prefer to bring your own bedding, toys or something familiar, this will help them to feel secure and settled.

All special diets will be catered for. We prefer to feed your dog their usual food at the time they are normally fed at home.

We welcome and have full access facilities for disabled visitors.

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